Letters of Endorsement for In The Blood

"The presentation was a huge hit, the kids are talking away about it while they are having snack.  How creative and informative; you really have created something that "speaks" to all kids with music, history, visually rich shots, original source examples, and something they can take great pride in as Mainers!  Thank you!  Can we recommend this to our friends in other schools?  How do you book yourself?  Fifth grade is the perfect age for this. Bravo!  I loved it!" Annie Cook
5th Grade Teacher
Carrie Ricker School - by email

"Thank you so much for coming to Carrie Ricker School last Friday.  Your presentation was the perfect level for 5th graders.  Not only was the narration engaging, the live music added to the whole presentation.   Sumner and Josh are truly talented.  Our students, as well as the adults in the audience, learned so much about the logging industry at the turn of the century in Maine.  I would have these two men come to our school as a yearly event.
Sonia Jack
5th grade Teacher
Carrie Ricker School - by email

"I am so grateful that "In The Blood" was brought to our school for our fifth graders; the content supported students' knowledge of the state of Maine, a unit within the curriculum taught in fourth grade.  The presentation itself was captivating--the original music, in combination with the documentary, was highly unique, inviting all students to learn about this piece of our state's history in a most intriguing way.  I hope to make this an annual event for our students at Carrie Ricker! Thank you again for taking the time to come to our school--what a lucky group of students and teachers we are to have seen your presentation!"
Leigh Coryell
5th Grade Teacher - by email

"It's not very often that 100 fifth graders are silent and engaged.  That is exactly what happened during In the Blood presentation at my school.  It was a history lesson presented in a way that appealed to today's technology savvy youth.  The music added to the experience and was fantastic!  Thoroughly enjoyed by all."
Deborah Gagnon
Carrie Ricker School RSU 4 - by email

"In the Blood is an outstanding combination of history, economics, geography and live performance. Living in an area where the forest industry drives the local economy, my students felt especially connected to the stories of the logging camps. The students felt a sense of pride in their families, who have passed the love of lumbering on to this next generation. My students also appreciated being able to experience a live performance. This was a rare treat for many of them. After experiencing In the Blood my students had a much better understanding of the connections among Maine geography, economics, and history. Being able to view this performance was a wonderful opportunity for my students."
Crystal Knapp Polk
Lead teacher
Strong Elementary School - by email

"This past spring I took my students from Casco Bay High School to see a performance of "In the Blood".  My students were not only engaged and impressed with the "live" soundtrack but also of the vivid depiction of the life of the lumberman and river drivers. Many remarked that they hadn't previously learned about this important Maine job of years past and that they found the experience very entertaining and informational.  Many thanks to Sumner McKane for creating this documentary and performing it for schools across Maine."
Brooke Teller
Casco Bay High School - by email

"In The Blood was a tremendous learning experience for our students.   This depiction of the history of the vibrant logging industry in Maine captivated our students.   Sumner McKane's live musical interpretation of that history added a great deal of energy to the program.   I would recommend it as required viewing for all students studying Maine History!"
John Drisco
Assistant Head of School / Head of Upper School - by email
North Yarmouth Academy

"Recently I had the opportunity to watch "In the Blood", logging in the Maine woods,  with a number of high school students, predominantly male and a handful of females, the presentation was well received by both groups. The careful blending of the logging industry with old pictures, text, video interviews and actual live music kept the audience entertained and educated. I truly believe the male audience was captivated on many fronts-as they saw just how tough life was...rugged, hard working people, interestingly the diets, and significant time away from home and family."
Rob Cronk
Technology Education Teacher, Wiscasset High School - by email

"The presentation was highly regarded by students and staff who attended.  Many said it was the best presentation they had ever seen in school.

As for logistics: Sumner was extremely professional and capable. They were adept at bringing their show on the road and extremely flexible in meeting our needs in terms of presentation length, group size, and performance space.  It was truly a pleasure to work with them."

Cynthia Turcotte
Wiscasset High School - by email

"Wow!  I wish that the whole school could have seen that.  It had something for everyone - Maine history for the history buffs, forestry and forest facts for the environmentalists and more hands-on type of student, and the live music for all the musicians.  What a great presentation."
Cindy Carter
Wiscasset High School Librarian & English Teacher - by email

"IN THE BLOOD is a unique experience of Maine's logging history.  This multi-media visual presentation combined with live music was the best assembly presentation that I have seen in the past 20 years.  I am so proud that a Mainer has developed such an innovative way to teach a vital part of our state's heritage.  This is a "must see" for all students in Maine."
Dan True,
Math Teacher
Wiscasset High School - by email